Traveling with baby food

Baby girl has been blessed with all homemade meals and snacks, with the exception of a few times when traveling and we have needed to rely on store-bought packages of baby food. I visited nearly every store selling baby food in Singapore. I read every label of every brand being sold in those stores.  Vegetables were the primary foods in baby girl’s diet. She gained plenty of carbohydrates in the form of beans and legumes, squash and seeds. We wanted her carbohydrates to have more than just sugar — fiber was also key.

I quickly found out, commercial baby foods do not really follow my baby feeding game plan. Even if fruit is not in the title/name, most options list a fruit as the first ingredient (or second to water). It takes a lot of time to read through the ingredient list to check for any hidden fruit or other foods you may not be ready for baby to eat. For example, corn, rice, potato, and/or oat flours may be used to thicken. In our baby girl’s case, she has not yet eaten any grains and we don’t want to be on holiday if she has a reaction or sensitivity to a new food.

Another layer to consider is glass jar versus squeezable pouch.  Glass is more eco-friendly and easier to find single-veggie foods like carrots, peas, and butternut Squash, but these foods were also too puréed for our baby. So pouches became the go-to for ease: Ella’s Kitchen (Four Bean Feast and Vegetable Bake) and Sprout (Sweet Potato White Bean). For when baby girl starts on meat, I picked up Plum Organics (Carrot, Chickpea, Peas, Beef & Tomato), as it is the only one I could find without grains or potato.

Have you had better luck than me? Please share!

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