Top 6 Nutrition Myths – Busted!

Health and nutrition recommendations have come a long way over the years, from recommending cocaine for headaches to accepting cigarettes as weight loss tools.  Luckily, science has proven these suggestions to not be in our health’s best favour.  As research improves and we learn more about how the body works, we are also debunking many myths we grew up hearing from family and from the media.

Oftentimes these ideas or recommendations have come from someone’s experiences and the result of those experiences.  While there may be some relation between the two, it may not always be direct.  There can be “indirect consequences” or compounding effects of other factors, which need to be considered.

Nutrition is not black and white — its quite colorful, actually.

Nutrition is not cookie cutter — there are different types of fat and carbs and proteins and vitamins and minerals, just as there are different types of people.

Over the upcoming 6 weeks, we will discuss (and bust!) the top 6 nutrition myths:

1. Fat makes you fat

2. Carbs make you fat 

3. Detox helps you to lose weight

4. Don’t eat late meals

5. You need more protein to build more muscles

6. Drink milk for strong bones


Stay tuned to learn more about how to make better choices for you and your loved ones!






Photo credit: By Summi from German Wikipedia – Own work, Public Domain,

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