The most glorious job

During a job interview, the interviewer asked for some terms to describe my strengths and weaknesses.  Several of those terms seemed to fall into both categories.  One term was “impatience”.  As a strength, I had always been one to be diligent and proficient; planned and punctual; thorough and thought-out.  As a weakness, I struggled with passing duties to other people if I felt I could do it faster / stronger / better.

As such, I prayed for patience.

My prayer was answered in a way I never anticipated: a baby.  Since the birth of my daughter, I “see” mothers in a new light.  I had an expectation of what motherhood would be like, based on what I saw from the other mothers in my life.  I expected that having time off from “work” during maternity leave would provide more time to get other tasks done.  Instead, I was consumed by my baby.  A task that would have normally taken me 10 minutes, now takes me 10 hours (or in some cases 10 days).  I’m not as put-together as I was pre-baby and during pregnancy.  And to my surprise, I’m OK with that.

I have celebrated Mother’s Day as a daughter, as a granddaughter, as a great-granddaughter, as a God-daughter, and as a daughter-in-law.  Today, I celebrate as a mother!

I celebrate my daughter’s birth and my own birth into motherhood.  I celebrate the mundane moments and the sporadic changes.  I celebrate the messy hair and the unmatched clothes.  I celebrate the unknown and the learning.  I celebrate the most glorious job that I could never have understood or truly appreciated until I became a mother myself.

Thank you to my mother and mother-in-law, to my grandmothers and great-grandmothers, to my mother-friends and soon-to-be-mother-friends, for your love and support and inspiration and encouragement and patience.

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