The difference of a dollar

Giving to those in need can be very fulfilling and very appreciated. From the words of Susanna Hasenoerhl of Joice of Cooking, where each monthly subscription providers 10 meals to children in Jaipur, India:

A dear friend of mine first told me about the i-India children’s charity about two years ago. She shared with me about her family’s visit to Jaipur, and how unimaginably tough children living on the streets there have it.

As a mother of two, it is unfathomable to me how kids can live on – and off – the street without any adult supervision or support. I simply cannot picture it, but also I don’t want it to happen to any child. Yet there are tens of thousands of such children in any Indian city.

That’s why I joined Friends of i-India, a volunteer organisation that raises funds to support the i-India operation, together with several international schools in Singapore.

While i-India alone cannot ‘save’ all these children, they are making a big difference in the lives of thousands of kids, every day. This includes running a food truck that goes to the slums to provide nutritious meals to the children – together with free basic education and medical care.

If you’re living in Singapore, do join us next Saturday June 10th at the Summer Soiree in Support of i-India. The evening is sponsored Pure & Wild New Zealand Seafood and Tippling Club, Chef Ryan Clift and his crew providing us with an amazing dinner with classy entertainment. Reply to this email and I’ll be happy to arrange you a ticket ($200).

If you’d like to support i-India otherwise, please make a donation directly on their website.

Let’s make a difference in the lives of children in need together.



Every dollar can make a difference.

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