Simply wholesome snacking

As baby girl gets bigger and faster and stronger, her body demands more energy throughout the day.  Time for snacks!

Except this mama doesn’t accept the usual suspects of corn puffs and raisins — or anything without a thorough review of the ingredients.  I keep an eye for only virgin foods.  Even those packaged foods labeled ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ may be deceiving ~ there may be added oil, salt, or preservatives ~ always read the ingredients list.

Therefore, I keep it simple.  Fewer ingredients means less chance of forgetting to add one.  Fewer ingredients also means less time in the kitchen, allowing for more time playing with the babe.

But I have a confession: I don’t follow a recipe.  I also don’t write down my recipes.  Every creation is an experiment.  I follow my intuition of what our bodies need.  Sound too daunting for you to experiment?

Stick to the basics to get you started.  If you are making a sweet treat like muffins or cookies, you’ll need fat, fiber, protein, and a bit of sweetener.  The great thing is that some ingredients can occupy more than one of these categories!  For example, one of the simplest muffins I make uses only three ingredients: banana; egg; and nut butter (I like almond).  Banana is the sweetener, eggs are both protein and fat, and nut butter is protein, fat, and fiber!  These muffins could even be simpler by skipping the egg, making it two-ingredient and vegan.

As Christmas approaches, I figured baby girl was old enough for her first Christmas cookie.  I was inspired by my favorite: gingerbread men.  I used coconut flour, coconut oil, egg, soaked chia seeds, ground flax seeds, pureed apple, and cinnamon – ‘iced’ with coconut butter.  I called them CinnaMan Cookies and she devoured them!

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