Minding your plate (not someone else’s)

During a “pitch night”, Susanna Hasenoehrl noted my involvement with the Joice of Cooking website and displayed a photo of me on the slides.  After the pitch sessions, food and wine was catered.  I was offered a glass of wine and before I could reply, the man next to me said to the waiter, “She can’t take wine, she’s a nutritionist.”

I chuckled and chimed, “While I will pass on the wine this evening, it is because I am breastfeeding and not simply because I’m a nutritionist.  Water for me, please.”

Later I noticed the caterers starting to clean up so I scurried over to snag a few bites as it was getting late and I had not eaten dinner.  To my disappointment, the options included fried spring rolls (egg rolls), chicken nuggets, french fries, siew mai (shrimp and pork dumpling), bacon potato salad, and a fruit tray.  No vegetables.  Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.

I dropped by shoulders and moped over to my husband, asking him where we should stop for food on the way home.  He said, “It’s nearly 9pm, but the time we get out of here, find a place, order, and eat, we won’t get home until nearly midnight.  Just have some food here.  You will survive.”

I wallowed back to the table and put two siew mai, a scoop of potato salad, and a slice of watermelon on a plastic plate.  This selection seemed to be the lesser of the evils.  Yet a bystander questioned, “You’d call this nutritious?”, alluding that I found this menu nutritionally acceptable.

As someone who loves to walk to the walk and not just talk the talk, I was embarrassed, trying to explain the situation.  Only after did I notice the chicken nuggets and french fries piled on his plate.




Photo credit: By Yannick Bammert – 20100131-DSC_2232, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=36357427

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