Deceptive labeling

A fitness friend of mine has scoured the globe in search of the most current research on postpartum healing and exercises.  With these courses and symposiums, she has been exposed to a great deal of nutritional advice to supplement the exercises.  I am proud of all the work she has done and continues to do in order to educate and inspire women (and men).

Being a health advocate in our community, she posted this past week about how much sugar is being added to milk but schools are endorsing these flavoured milks to young, vulnerable school kids.  While I totally understood her position, I noticed that she referenced an old article she posted over 4 years ago, along with an article I submitted for her blog too.  I clicked on the link to reread my article then clicked on the link to read hers (somehow I missed it years ago).  Halfway through the post, these two images were displayed:

She tagged the Devondale image with “Notice ‘Sugars’ indicated on the label”, but the Magnolia image with “If you look at the label, it declares ‘100% fresh milk’ as its ingredient.  There is also no indication of sugars in any part of the label.'”  This difference in labeling not only guided her choice to buy Magnolia, but she was compelled to even tell others in a post.

Despite Devondale displaying its sugar content, their milk was still just milk – no added sugar, as my dear friend had perceived.  The sugar (5.1g/100ml) was the total composition of carbohydrate (5.1g/100ml).  On the other hand, Magnolia did not display the word “sugar” on the label, only carbohydrate (4.9g/100ml).  So is Magnolia really a better choice?  Barely…by 0.2g/100ml…

What a great reminder that even very well-educated, well-informed, and well-intended health nuts sometimes get deceived by marketing tactics.

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