A year of blessings

Today, the 25th of June, marks one year since our baby girl has graced our lives.  There has never truly been a moment where I ever wanted to stop time or even slow down.  Yet I have heard myself say to people, “Slow down time!” when they comment how she has gotten so big, so fast.  Why do I do this?  Does society really expect me to regret that my baby is going to not be a baby one day?

When she was brand new, it felt like the hours lingered as I bathed in the sweet, quiet moments with her.  Just laying in bed, nursing her peacefully.  I was excited to see her learn how to shake a rattle.  I looked forward to teaching her baby sign language.  I coaxed the giggles from her little tummy.  I cherished each second with her but was also filled with anticipation for her growth.

Now as I reflect on the past year, I feel the same towards her coming developments.  We have been blessed with incredible memories of when she was so teeny tiny, and I am thankful for those.  However, I am elated when she figures out how to sign a new word or has figured out that she needs to hold the cup differently to move her itty bitty fingers out of the way to fit the duck in and out.

With all of this, I am also thankful for how today signifies the birth of a mother.  This baby has taught me humility and patience.  I am calmer and don’t feel the need to be in control.  I plan less and I experience more.  I want to be present every moment, every second.

I am transformed.

What an amazing blessing!

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